Life of Lovely was created by me (Elizabeth) to chronicle and share with others discoveries in simple ways to live beautifully.  After creating the blog, I called my sister (Jennifer) who immediately began telling me about the wonderful soup that she had made.  Obviously, she needed somewhere to share her interests as well, so I decided to invite her to the blog as well.  We're two sisters who love books, crafts, sewing, beauty, traveling, and life in general.  We would love for you to follow us on google, pinterest or twitter, and bloglovin

If you're new to Life of Lovely, you can take a look at our highlights and best posts from 2011 here 

For questions, comments, and suggestions you can contact us at lifeoflovely at hotmail.com

If you'd like to do a guest post please contact us through email.  We're also willing to do guest posts on other blogs, so send us an email to talk it out.  We're up for collaborations too.

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