Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Doctor Who Sweatshirt

The DIY we're sharing with you today will probably only make sense if you're a Doctor Who fan or if you know someone who is.  If you're not familiar with Doctor Who, it's easiest just to say that it's a sci-fi show on BBC.  Actually describing the show would be almost impossible.

Although our love of the show isn't as full-fledged as some (we're still behind on the season and have yet to see the 50th anniversary special), we catch it whenever we can.

This DIY sweatshirt is great as a subtle, fun piece for Doctor Who fans.  It's a cute sweatshirt that's easy to make and involves little time.  This DIY is almost too simple to need instructions.

For this DIY, you'll need:
- a sweatshirt (we used a Hanes sweatshirt)
- iron-on letters
- two heart patches

Step One:  Following the instructions on the iron-on letters, remove your letters from the package and arrange on the sweatshirt.  Make sure to leave space for the two hearts.  Once you are satisfied with the placement, follow the instructions with your iron-on letters to adhere them to the sweatshirt.

Step Two:  Decide how you would like to attach the two hearts to the sweatshirt.  You'll either want to sew the hearts on or iron them on depending on what type of patch you are using.

Step Three:  Enjoy your sweatshirt while catching up on the 50th Anniversary episode.

This sweatshirt would also make a great gift for someone who likes Doctor Who.


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