Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food links

Despite the fact that I am living in France with a host family and only have access to a kitchen with just a stove top to cook in when I don't eat with the family, I still have several food sites and blogs that I check out all the time.  Even though I can't actually make many of the dishes sans an oven, I'm making a list of things to try when I return to the US.  These are the links that I look at most often.


Tastespotting - This site is a collection of images submitted by people which link to a recipe, article, video, or something similar that's food related.  Just scrolling through the pages of delicious pictures is amazing.  It's also a great way to find new food blogs.
Pauladeen.com - For good Southern cooking, Paula Deen is certainly one of the best.  While the food may not be healthy, no one can argue that it isn't absolutely delicious. 
Southernliving.com - Obviously, I like Southern cooking.  From classics like buttermilk biscuits and shrimp and grits and let's not even get started on the desserts, it's no wonder that the collections of recipes from the magazine are so popular. 
Marthastewart.com - If you know what kind of food you're looking for, then you can always search Martha Stewart's site for a recipe that is guaranteed to work. 
Good Mood Food - While this is no longer actually the name of Donal Skehan's site, I think that it best explains the types of recipes that he makes.  I originally read the Good Mood Food blog, but now that's he has an entire website, I read his kitchen blog on that site.  His recipes are all about good, simple food.

Food Blogs
Bakerella - Since my favorite things to make in the kitchen are sweets, I enjoy this blog alot.  I have yet to make cake pops, but I certainly want to!
Whisk Kid - I found this blog through tastespotting, as is my usual method of finding food blogs.  All of the photos on this blog are perfect.  The list of things I want to try from this blog is entirely too long and mostly desserts.

This list is short, I know, but I'll be adding it to the inspirations page soon where I'll keep it updated with new favorites as I find them.  Any suggestions?  In the future crafting/sewing links and book links will be coming next.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penguin's 10 essential classics list

Peguin Books has released a new list of essential classics this time voted on by readers.  I have to say that I like this list more than the other since I've read 8 of the 10 books on this list except The Canterbury Tales and Great Expectation, but both of those are on my to read list. 

I've only read 5 of the 10 on the first ten essential penguin classics.  It's looks like I'm going to need to add Inferno, Walden, Oedipus Rex, Metamorphosis, and Moby Dick to my list of books to read. 

I like that Pride and Prejudice made both of the lists since it's one of my favorites.  I'm not certain what I think of the cover on the deluxe edition though.  I thought I really liked it at first, but now I'm not certain.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tips for Airplane Travel

If you enjoy traveling, especially abroad, then you are probably going to spend more time than you would wish waiting in airport terminals.  Sometimes you get delayed and other times you know going in that you have a long layover between flights.

I just returned to France.  While the trip was much less stressful than my trip home during the holiday busyness, I did end up with a 6 hour layover in the Charlotte airport.  Luckily, I managed to find a place to plug in my computer.  However, since I didn’t want to rudely hog the electrical outlets, I still had to entertain myself for several hours.  Not exactly fun.  I made it, but I should have done certain things to prepare for the long wait.  Here's a short list of travel tips to prepare for a long wait in an airport while before your flight.

- Brought a magazine.  You could bring a book, of course, but magazines tend to be less heavy and that’s a good thing if you’re already carrying about as much as you can handle.

- Printed off several pages of Sudoku puzzles.  A few pages would weigh almost nothing, but would have occupied me for probably a good hour.

- Printed off a crossword puzzle or two.  For the same reasons as the above.  Just don’t peek at the answers.

- Brought a coloring book and colors.  Actually I probably wouldn’t bring this, but I have a friend who does.  She usually seems happily occupied during the wait so I always consider bringing some.  (I have been tempted to buy one of Rosie Flo's coloring books coloring  and a pack to coloring pencil.  I haven't yet though.)

- Brought either a snickers or a bag of peanut m&ms.  So that I wouldn’t have had to go in search of chocolate about 4 hours into the wait.  I only found kind that says “to share” on the wrapper—as if anyone shares chocolate—and “king-size” bars.  More calories than I had anticipated consuming and more expensive than I would have liked.

On my flight back, I’ll make sure that I have all of these (except probably the coloring book.)   

Bonus note:  The airport in Charleston is my favorite so far.  It’s not so large that you get lost, and it seemed very clean.  Plus, there are rocking chairs scattered throughout where you can sit and watch planes take off.  That definitely gets some extra airport points.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pesto and Mozzarella Pizza

If you want a quick, but still delicious lunch for one or two people, then this is a perfect idea.  I like to make this pizza for myself for lunch.  I usually have two pieces and leave the other two for later.  You might think that I would get to eat the other half for lunch the next day, but someone else always eats it before then.

Start with a 6.5 oz packaged pizza dough mix.  Prepare the dough according to the directions.  Be sure to go ahead and preheat the oven to the temperature indicated on the package.  Grease a 9 inch cake pan.  Press the dough into the cake pan.  Spread 2 teaspoons of olive oil over the top of the dough.  Then, spread 3 generous tablespoons of pesto over the dough.  If you feel the need to, add more pesto.  Follow with half a cup of mozzarella cheese.  Place the cake pan of dough in the oven for 7 to 8 minutes depending on your oven and the directions on the package.  I find that the amount of time usually recommended is entirely too long for my oven so pay attention because it won’t take long to accidently burn the pizza.  Remove from oven and cut into four slices.  Eat the entire thing by yourself or share with a friend.


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