Thursday, January 29, 2015

February Journal Prompts + printable

 Today, I'd like to share 28 journal writing prompts for February.

You might remember that during the summer, I wrote a post that included tips on how to start a journal. Since the beginning of January that post has become increasingly popular (probably because people have made New Year's resolutions to keep a journal.)

It took me a long time to start keeping a journal regularly, but one of the things that finally helped me to start it was a list of journal prompts that I found on pinterest. Some days, I have lots of ideas that I want to write about in my journal, but on other days I feel as if I have nothing to say. That is where the journal prompts helped me.

Now that I have a habit of writing in my journal, I use prompts less often, but I still turn to them when I am not sure what I want to write. It's also a nice challenge to bring up topics I wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

Since journal prompts helped me to begin journaling, I want to share 28 journal prompts with you for February. You can use these in your journal in any way that you like. I've included a printable form of the prompts at the bottom of the post as well.

28 Journal Prompts for February

1. Your favorite place
2. A person whom you admire
3. One thing the world needs more of
4. The best compliment that you have received
5. What do you need to be content?
6. Three small steps that could change the world
7. How do you take care of yourself when you are stressed?
8. Five things to do less often
9. Five things to do more often
10. Your favorite book
11. Three favorite book characters
12. Destinations you dream of traveling to
13. Do you work better in the morning or at night?
14. Your ideal morning routine
15. The movie you tell your friends to see
16. An important quote
17. What do you want to learn?
18. A moment you will always remember
19. One way you can help a friend
20. The best day you had last week
21. Five things you like about yourself
22. A good thing from today
23. An accomplishment you are proud of
24. A time when someone helped you
25. What are your priorities in life?
26. Something you don't understand
27. Describe the view from your window
28. The last thing that made you laugh

Download your printable PDF version of the prompts.

Make sure that you get next month's prompts by following along with Life of Lovely on bloglovin, pinterest, or twitter.

We'd love to hear from you if you decide to use these prompts. Let us know how it goes in the comments.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Your Introduction to Classic Alice

Book lovers, you are about to be introduced to your newest favorite youtube creation.

Classic Alice is a series written by Kate Hackett. In the story, a college girl named Alice decides that she will begin living her life according to classic novels after she receives an unwanted grade in a lit class. She and a friend Andrew make a vlog documentary about the project which results in Classic Alice.

You will love seeing the way that the story plays out as Alice tries to live according to books like Crime and Punishment and MacBeth. It's the perfect video series to curl up with during a winter night like the ones we're having now.

In addition to the actual episodes, the project also includes extras like confessionals from the characters and twitter conversations.

So far 7 books have been produced, but the team is working on producing more. In order to fund more episodes, there is a campaign on Indiegogo called #SaveAlice which you can check out for more information.

Hope you enjoy this web series!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


So a few weeks ago Elizabeth and I got our very first box of goodies from Influenster in the mail! We're so excited to get to try out these products and let you all know what we think about them. In our box we got:
  • Candy Cane Lane Green Tea from Celestial Seasonings
  • Boots No7 Repair and Protect Serum
  • Fruit Vines Strawberry Bites
  • Eco Tools Full Volume Styler Brush
  • McCormick Thyme
  • New York Color Expert Last Lipstick, Sugar Plum
  • Just Let it Go Rimmel London Eye Makeup Remover
To be honest, I really thought that some of these products were going to be subpar, but I was really surprised to actually like all of the products. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks to catch our reviews of each product.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Rock a Pinterest Project

Are your pinterest boards full of artsy DIYs and handmade awesomeness that never actually become reality? Do your attempts to sew that lace dress you pinned end up as a major fail? Is your closet full of craft supplies from half-finished projects or, even worse, projects you never even started?

If so, that's perfectly ok.

I'm here today to tell you that you can actually complete a pinterest project without having that major fairy dust that some people seem to have. You know that girl who shows up at a party with homemade cookies wearing handcrafted earrings and a skirt she whipped up under 30 minutes. If you follow my advice below, you can be her.

Well, maybe not completely.

Let's not get carried away.

Try one project first, and then move on from there.

Steps to Rocking a Pinterest Project

1. Choose your project with care. This first step is one of the most important parts of completing a project. Don't set yourself up to fail before you start. Take the following things into consideration.
    • How simple or difficult does the craft seem to be? Don't try to start with a complicated project if you don't feel sure of your skills.
    • How much time will the project take? Are you capable of dedicating that much time to working on it?
    • Do you actually want to complete the project yourself? If all you want is the finished product, you might be better off buying something similar.
    • Are the materials difficult to find/buy? And, will your budget allow you to buy everything that you need?
    • If the project is on a blog, check the comments below. People may have suggestions or comments about what worked or didn't work for them with the project.
2. Clear a time to make the project.
    • Block off time on your calendar for your project.
    • Allow yourself some extra time to finish the project. It may take longer than you think, and you don't want to have to rush the process.
3. Buy/gather the materials needed for the project.
    • Notice that this step comes after you decide the time that you are going to dedicate to making the project. You want to prevent supplies from unmade projects from gathering in your storage where all they will do is make you feel bad for never even beginning your project.
    • If you plan on substituting different materials than the ones the project calls for, be aware that it may change some of the steps you need to take while making the project. Don't let that stop you from being creative though. After all, that's why you're doing this.
4. Double check that you have everything you need.
    • There is nothing worse than running out of supplies in the middle of a project. It will throw off your groove. And, everyone who's seen The Emperor's New Groove knows that bad things happen when something throws off your groove.
5. Reread/Possibly print the directions.
    • Do you actually know how to do everything that the directions tell you to do? If not, this is the time to turn to youtube. A video of someone sewing a ruffle may be more helpful than just a description.
    • Keep the directions in front of you as you work. Especially if your project is complicated. You don't want to accidentally skip step number 2 and have to start over again when you find the problem at step number 15.
6. Enjoy the process.
    • Making your project should be fun. Yes, some parts may be difficult, but if you repeatedly get frustrated, it may be time for a break.
    • Consider listening to music or a podcast during repetitive tasks. Because you need something to do if you have to cut 100 petals out of an old map.
    • Maybe invite a buddy over to chat while you both work on projects.
7. Enjoy your finished project.
    • Congratulations, you have successfully finished a project. Even if it isn't perfect, you made it, and that's great!
    • Use it. Show it off!
    • If you like the finished project so much that you want to make another, think about what you would want to do differently next time. Maybe make a note about the tricky parts so that you remember later.

So, there it is. Hopefully, these tips will give you some aid while attempting your pinterest project.

Need some inspiration? Try one of our DIYs.

Take a quick look through our pinterest for some ideas and follow to see more added regularly. Now, stop just pinning things on pinterest and start making them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favorite Fairy Tales Revisited

Have you seen the previews for Disney's Into The Woods yet? 

I'm excited about this movie for several reasons.

  1. It's based on a Broadway musical.
  2. It's Disney.
  3. It features an amazing cast - including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp.
  4. And, it's a retelling of traditional fairy tales.
I absolutely love fairy tales and reading modern/new versions of those tales. It's so interesting to see what ideas and themes come up when we mix familiar ideas with new ones. The best part of retelling is that moment when you think you know where the story is going because you've heard the tale so many times only to find that the author has somehow managed to shake up the plot and throw in a twist that you never imagined.

I thought that I would make a list of my favorite revisited fairy tales, but when I tried to make the list, I came up short. I know that there are so many good fairy tale books out there. So, I have no idea why I could only think of two.

My absolute favorite retelling is Beauty by Robin McKinley. As you might have guessed from the title, it's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I cannot recommend this book enough. Robin McKinley is one of my favorite authors, and when she writes a good book, it really is a good book.

The second I like that I was able to think of is The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. It takes place in a setting called the Five Hundred Kingdoms. In this world, the different fairy tales collide. At first it seems as if the story is going to resemble Cinderella, but then it twists into the story of the fairy godmother instead (not a spoiler given that the title should indicate that to you.) Also, it turns out that this book is the first in a series which I didn't realize when I read it. So, I've now added the next 5 to my to-read list on Goodreads. The 100 books challenge is turning into the read-everything-on-my-to-read-list-challenge.

Since I only have two fairy tales books to recommend, I'll need some help from readers here. What are your favorite retellings? Are there any that you'd like to read?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

100 Books in 2015: Reading Challenge

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our first book themed Tuesday post of 2015.

Have any of you ever made a resolution related to books or reading? I absolutely love reading, but until this year, I had never thought to include it in my resolutions for the new year.

This year I have decided to intentionally do more of the things that I like. Which I think is a good type of resolution for anyone. You should do more of the things that you like. In fact, that is the kind of resolution you actually might be able to keep all year long.

One of my favorite activities is reading, but I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to. It would be easy to say that it is because I have less time to read now than I did when I was younger, but, at the moment at least, that excuse isn't true. I have realized that I am spending too much time distracted by my computer. I would be much happier spending that time with a book instead.

My resolution is to read 100 books in 2015.

Have you heard of the site Goodreads? I've recently been using it to keep track of what I read and what I want to read. On the site, you can set a challenge for yourself in 2015. Even though it is my first time to do the challenge, I set mine for 100 books.

Isn't that a little bit ambitious?

Maybe. I have no idea how many books I read per year because I have never tracked it before. At the rate that I read, I think that it is definitely doable. I already have about 75 books on my to-read list (Hopefully, I can get my hands on all the ones that I want to read. Libraries are my favorite, but they can't always have everything.)

Thirteen days in, I have finished 3 books. Two of which were quite long. So, I think that I am on track.

Even if I don't manage to read all 100 books this year, I can already tell the difference that the resolution is making. Now I purposely turn to a book rather than immediately getting online when I get home from work. On days that I have off, I keep a book by my bed and pick it up first thing in the morning to read. My mind works more creatively when I read more, so I am enjoying that effect.

If you want to set your own challenge for 2015, go to Goodreads. For some ideas on what to read, check out our latest posts 10 Free Classic Books for Kindle, Books to Read After The Hunger Games, or read any of our book reviews.

Do you have any book related goals for 2015? Also, any book recommendations for me?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Reasons to Love Winter

Winter can be a difficult season especially once the excitement of the holidays has passed. The cold weather in addition the having fewer hours of sunlight sometimes makes us wish that winter would hurry by.

We're are now fully into the winter season. I don't know about you, but where I currently am is cold, and I don't like the cold. That being said, I have decided that I will still enjoy winter time. Because it makes no sense to spend part of the year wishing that it were another part of the year. Instead of complaining about what I don't like about this time of year, I need to focus on what I DO like.

With that in mind, here's a list of some of my favorite things to do during the winter.

- Preparing and eating a bowl full of soup.
- Drinking a cup of hot chocolate in the evening.
- Sitting around a warm fire.
- Wearing scarves all day, every day.
- Snuggling up under a blanket.
- Drinking mulled wine.
- Spending an evening reading a book.
- Taking time to work on my New Year's resolutions.

What do you like to do in the winter? Tell us in the comments below.

Today's post was inspired by one last week on A Beautiful Mess.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Get Fit in 2015 using Youtube

At the beginning of January, most of us make New Year's resolutions. For some of us these resolution have to do with losing weight or getting healthier in the upcoming year.

This year, one of my resolutions is to not just to get skinny but to get healthy.

Since learning almost all the muscles in my OT school anatomy class and being a nutrition major in undergraduate, I have such an appreciation for our bodies. I don't want to just be slim, I want to take care of myself and live well for a long time.

That means strengthening my heart with cardio and doing strength training to strengthen both my muscles and my bones. My plan is to exercise for 30 minutes every day that I can, and if I can't work out for 30 minutes to at least do something even if it's just for 5 minutes. Hopefully that'll help me make taking care of my body part of my lifestyle.

If you're like me though, you get bored doing the same workout video or exercise machine for thirty minutes. My solution the last couple months has been to break it up using fitness videos from youtube. My favorite are from popsugar, and they last 5 to 10 minutes. I combine a few videos, and before I know it my workout is over.

Here are a few of my favorite videos for beginners. I like to work out by focusing on one area a day. For example, I'll have an arms day, legs day, abs day, back day, and flexibility day, so I've tried to structure the list by areas. I also try to throw in at least one cardio video everyday, but you can structure your workouts however works best for you!





Cool Down


So obviously I'm a little obsessed with the Popsugar fitness videos! These videos are just what I like though. With all the videos out there on youtube you're sure to find fitness videos that work for you. If you want something a little different, Greatist has a really interesting, fun list of the best free workout videos on youtube. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to get you started on your way to a fitter 2015. I'd love to hear what your favorite youtube workouts are!


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