Monday, June 1, 2015

June Journal Prompts + Printable

Thanks to everyone who's been following along over the past month. With my return from France and adjustment to things at home again, it's been a busy, but enjoyable month for me.

Even though I haven't had as much time to post here as I would like, I am making it a priority to get these journal prompts to you for each month, and I plan to make a point of doing that through out the summer.

Here's June's journal prompts.

1. A step you have taken towards your goals
2. Something good from last week
3. A time when you were frightened
4. A really good idea
5. The books in your to-read list
6. Something to remember
7. The best thing about your day
8. Your best qualities
9. Your top priorities
10. A new thing to try
11. Where were you a year ago?
12. Where were you five years ago?
13. What is home?
14. Your dream job
15. Favorite things in your town
16. Reasons to feel happy
17. Words you need to share
18. Something to give up
19. An area to grow in
20. An exceptional skill you possess
21. What motivates you?
22. What do you need?
23. A way you relax
24. The personal you are currently grateful for
25. The song you know all the lyrics to
26. A movie you can quote by heart
27. What fills you?
28. Who is your role model?
29. Are you a role model to anyone else?
30. What makes you proud?

A printable version is available at the bottom of the post.

Download your printable PDF of the prompts here.

Make sure that you get next month's prompts by following along with Life of Lovely on bloglovin, pinterest, or twitter.

 We hope that your summer is off to a great start! Let us know how you're using these journal prompts in the comments.

Edit: Updated and completed prompts are available in a printable version through etsy and an ebook version through amazon as of December 2018.


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  2. Hi, Elizabeth,
    That's a great idea for our quarentine !! Journals are great to interact with people/family !!
    Tks for sharing !
    Greetings from Brazil, Yone



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