Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Books to Read After The Hunger Games

Have you seen Mockingjay: Part 1 yet? This movie is the latest one adapted from the best-selling Hunger Games trilogy. I read the first book in the series because Jennifer made me which turned out to be a good thing. There is still one more movie left to come out in theaters, but if you have been reading ahead of the movies, you are most likely in search of new reading material. Here are my suggestions for what to read next if you like The Hunger Games.

  • Divergent - This book is the most obvious recommendation because it is a YA dystopia with a strong female protagonist. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, chances are that you will like this one as well. I've only read the first two books, so I cannot comment on how well the series ends. I do know that I'm currently hooked. Just a warning, there are several violent scenes in this series. Be aware of that as you decide whether or not to read this one.
  • Uglies - This book is another YA dystopia. However, it came out several years earlier. At first the society in the book appears to have created a utopia, but, of course, the reader soon finds out that everything is not as perfect as it seems. Each book in the four book series focuses on a different aspect of the society, and for the most part, the plot follows the story of one central girl. 
  • The Selection - YA dystopia again. This one asks what would happen if the US became a monarchy? The prince chooses a princess from the people in a bachelor-style televised production. The main character didn't want to become part of those selected to participate, but once she is there, she does not want to leave. The concepts and characters in this book make it a must-read. I've only finished the first two books, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on the next one. 
  • The Giver - Most people have probably heard of The Giver. Not only has it recently been made into a movie, but it's a common read in high school English classes. The world in the story seems to be a utopia. The main character Jonah is chosen for the role of the Giver's apprentice when he turns twelve. There he begins to receive memories that the rest of the society has chosen to keep apart. This book has less physical action that the other ones I have mentioned, but it will probably make you think the most.
  • 1984 - This is a classic dystopia novel. Chances are that you've heard references from the book many times even if you've never actually read it. Orwell imagines where society might be headed in the future, and what he imagines is not a place that anyone would like to live in. 
  • The Road- This book explores what happens to a father and son as they wander around a post-apocalyptic America. It has very dark tones, but I think that it is an important book to read. 
  • Harry Potter - Yes, I know that you've heard of this one before, and you're probably questioning why it's on this list because everyone's already read it. That is not true though. I know plenty of people who are only now reading it for the first time. Those who are drawn to The Hunger Games for a complex plot, a wide cast of characters, and a fully developed alternate world will like Harry Potter.
  • A Wrinkle in Time - This is another older book. Two siblings and a friend go searching for the siblings' father across different planets. While the book isn't quite as flashy as The Hunger Games, it is a widely loved book for a reason. The main characters are all deeply relate-able, and the story is remarkably complex yet clear at the same time. Even though it's labeled as children's literature, it is truly a book for everyone.

How many of these books have you read? Would you suggest them to others?


  1. The Road is a new one to me, I'll have to look that up. Great list :) Also, don't be in a hurry to finish the Divergent series...

    1. You should try The Road. It's somewhat depressing, but still an a good read. That's too bad about Divergent. I'll have to finish eventually though.

  2. Great suggestions! :D I've read most of these and liked them all (save for the last book in the Divergent trilogy >_>) thus far! :]

  3. I actually haven't read The Hunger Games but have read some of your other recommendations. They are all good. Great choices!

  4. Re: Harry Potter - yes, everyone's read it, but totally worth a re-read if you ask me! :) Great suggestions!



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