Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Hem Jeans

 Hello everyone!  I hope that you're having a wonderful week.  Today, I have a question to ask you.

I always have a problem buying jeans.  If I can actually find some that manage to fit, they always seem to be too long.  I know that I can buy jeans in the petite section, but it is always so annoying when the only thing wrong with a pair of jeans is a few extra inches on the bottom. 

I found a tutorial on how to hem jeans at Sew Much Ado, but I'm a bit afraid to try changing a pair of jeans on my own.  Have you ever tried to hem jeans?  Is it worth is or should I just spend more time searching for shorter jeans that fit just as well?  I could just roll them up? 


  1. Being 5"0/5"1 means that even the petite jeans are sometimes too long! I would totally recommend hemming them if you find a pair that you like but are just a bit too long, I do with most of mine. Sometimes, I just cut a bit off the end and then fold 2cm over and hem that, that way you don't have a bulk of material at the bottom where you've hemmed it. Though buying petite ones are sometimes better because they fit better around the waist, though it's up to you, whichever you like best, and then go from there!
    Also, maybe start with a cheaper pair and then see how it goes ;) Hope this helps!
    p.s. I have also tried rolling them up but I think it looks a bit ugly, also tucking rolled up jeans into boots is a nightmare :S

  2. Thanks! I've seen things about how to hem jeans, but I didn't know anyone who had actually done it. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit in the waist, and when I do find them, they are never the right length. Maybe I'll try it with an old pair first.



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