Monday, December 1, 2014

9 Ways to Make a Friend Smile

For all of you with sisters, roommates, best friends, and other important girls in your lives, here are some simple ways that you can show that you care.

1. Send her a letter in the mail.

2. Bring her flowers.

3. Show up at an event to support her.

4. Bake her a surprise treat. Like these cupakes.

5. Leave positive post-it note messages somewhere she will see them.

6. Lend her a favorite book that you've just finished reading.

7. Make plans for lunch together.

8. Invite her over to have a cup of tea.

9. Text her just to say hello.

This post was inspired during the weekend when I felt a little down only to check my mailbox and find not one, but two letters addressed to me. Instant happiness.

What are your favorite methods for showing your friends that you care about them? What makes you feel loved?


  1. I love these tips! I feel like all too often, we get caught up in our busy lives and sometimes forget to do something nice for our friends. This is a great reminder!

  2. Simple, yet effective, tips to connect with a friend. Thanks for sharing at Monday Mash-Up.

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

  3. It is all about the simple things! Thanks for sharing on our Monday Mash-up!

  4. I love these :) Just a little small act really can make someone's day.

  5. Good ideas! I always think about sending a card but then I just don't. :( Maybe I will today! Also, girls should totally start sending flowers to their bff's wayyyyy more often!



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