Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Journal Prompts + Printable

July has just begun, but summer is already in full swing for us. We hope that your summer is allowing you a little more free time and some lazy afternoons to enjoy the sun.

Here's July's journal prompts.

1. What is most important to you?
2. Your best trait
3. A movie that makes you happy
4. Something that excites you
5. Something that worries you
6. Actions that you admire
7. A time of transition
8. How did you feel today?
9. What do you spend your time thinking about?
10. What year has been your best so far?
11. Who do you trust?
12. A song from your childhood
13. What you wore today
14. How are you creative?
15. The best part of summer
16. A letter to someone else
17. I always...
18. A list of things you like
19. A question that needs to be asked
20. What do you need?
21. Your summer playlist
22. What inspires you?
23. What do you want less of?
24. What is holding you back?
25. A tiny step towards your dreams
26. Three things you want to change in your life
27. How have you grown in the past month?
28. What are you offering the world?
29. How do you spend time resting?
30. The best idea you've had this week
31. The book you're currently reading

Get your printable PDF version of the July journal prompts here.

Make sure that you get next month's prompts by following along with Life of Lovely on bloglovin, pinterest, or twitter.

Are you still journaling over the summer? Or have you stopped to take a break? Let us know in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. I have just discovered your Journaling Prompts on Pinterest and have downloaded 7 months to use in my journaling (or my blog)...but, I could not find January, August, Oct., Nov. or Dec. Do you have these someplace else (I realize we are just ending Oct. so you may not have Nov. or Dec. yet...) but if you have these, I'd LOVE to follow the rest of your "series"!

    Thanks for sharing these on Pinterest...I will most likely begin using them in Jan.; but haven't decided yet if it will be "hand" journaling, or blogging!

    My email is; my blog is I am just completing a series of "free writes" for the month of Oct. with the "write31days" challenge.



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