Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food links

Despite the fact that I am living in France with a host family and only have access to a kitchen with just a stove top to cook in when I don't eat with the family, I still have several food sites and blogs that I check out all the time.  Even though I can't actually make many of the dishes sans an oven, I'm making a list of things to try when I return to the US.  These are the links that I look at most often.


Tastespotting - This site is a collection of images submitted by people which link to a recipe, article, video, or something similar that's food related.  Just scrolling through the pages of delicious pictures is amazing.  It's also a great way to find new food blogs.
Pauladeen.com - For good Southern cooking, Paula Deen is certainly one of the best.  While the food may not be healthy, no one can argue that it isn't absolutely delicious. 
Southernliving.com - Obviously, I like Southern cooking.  From classics like buttermilk biscuits and shrimp and grits and let's not even get started on the desserts, it's no wonder that the collections of recipes from the magazine are so popular. 
Marthastewart.com - If you know what kind of food you're looking for, then you can always search Martha Stewart's site for a recipe that is guaranteed to work. 
Good Mood Food - While this is no longer actually the name of Donal Skehan's site, I think that it best explains the types of recipes that he makes.  I originally read the Good Mood Food blog, but now that's he has an entire website, I read his kitchen blog on that site.  His recipes are all about good, simple food.

Food Blogs
Bakerella - Since my favorite things to make in the kitchen are sweets, I enjoy this blog alot.  I have yet to make cake pops, but I certainly want to!
Whisk Kid - I found this blog through tastespotting, as is my usual method of finding food blogs.  All of the photos on this blog are perfect.  The list of things I want to try from this blog is entirely too long and mostly desserts.

This list is short, I know, but I'll be adding it to the inspirations page soon where I'll keep it updated with new favorites as I find them.  Any suggestions?  In the future crafting/sewing links and book links will be coming next.

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