Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penguin's 10 essential classics list

Peguin Books has released a new list of essential classics this time voted on by readers.  I have to say that I like this list more than the other since I've read 8 of the 10 books on this list except The Canterbury Tales and Great Expectation, but both of those are on my to read list. 

I've only read 5 of the 10 on the first ten essential penguin classics.  It's looks like I'm going to need to add Inferno, Walden, Oedipus Rex, Metamorphosis, and Moby Dick to my list of books to read. 

I like that Pride and Prejudice made both of the lists since it's one of my favorites.  I'm not certain what I think of the cover on the deluxe edition though.  I thought I really liked it at first, but now I'm not certain.

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