Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Glitter Coasters

Glitter and Postcard Coasters Text

When I made the DIY Postcard Coasters, I also made two gold glitter coasters with the two extra coaster I had left.  I've got both the glitter and postcard ones on my coffee table, and I like the way they look together.

The process for making the Glitter Coasters is fairly simple.

Glitter Coaster Supplies 
For supplies you'll need: Modpodge, glitter, old coasters, and a paintbrush.

Glitter Coaster First Coat 
Step One:  Apply a coat of modpodge directly to the top of the coaster.

Glitter Coaster Glitter 
Step Two:  Cover the modpodge with glitter.  You'll want to have paper underneath to catch the excess glitter.  I'd also advise using another sheet of paper on top to press down the glitter.  Wait for the modpodge to dry.  Then, shake off the excess glitter.

Glitter Coaster Second Coat 
Step Three:  Cover the glitter with a second layer of modpodge.  Don't worry, it will dry clear.  If there are any bare spots, you'll want to repeat the process in those areas.  Otherwise, you're finished once the modpodge dries.

Glitter Coaster Finished 
Now you can enjoy your new sparkly coaster.  

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