Sunday, August 31, 2014

Field Notes: August 2014

Did you miss July's Field Notes

A few of the things we loved this month.

There's an entire pinterest board dedicated to smores. Why didn't I think to do that?

A few extremely helpful note taking tips. Even though I am no longer in school, I still take plenty of notes. It's a habit.

This one absolutely blew me away. Hannah Breacher wrote a post for all the girls who want to change the world.

Another one for the girls. If you have not heard Marie Miller's song 6'2, you are missing out.

For a healthy dinner try roasting vegetables.

We love cake (no surprise). Like this red velvet poke cake.

You know what is cute? A bunny! Their ears, their noses, just everything about them in general.

We finished watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. So wish that there were more.

Also, I read Divergent and Insurgent. I was concerned that it would just be a Hunger Games copycat, but this series is interesting. There is more violence than I would like though. Still, I will be reading the third one when whatever person who has kept it overdue from the library for entirely too long decides to return it.

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