Friday, January 1, 2016

Fit Tips: How to Prevent Hangry Episodes

Recently, I've become more health conscious and really want to take better care of and love my body. So as I think of things that are helpful to me in living healthier, I wanted to share them with you and also get your tips on how you maintain a healthy style!

Since I've been following the strength training workouts in the Women's Health: Lift to Get Lean book, when I get hungry I want food right then or I go into a hangry episode. To combat this, I've started getting serious about planning out easy snacks the night before that I can eat without prep. I try to pack a snack for mid morning and one for the afternoon/pre workout.

Some of my favorite snacks are

Greek yogurt (I'm addicted to key lime Fage split cups!)
String cheese
Easy to eat fruits like grapes
Kind chewy granola bars (I'm hooked on the caramel macchiato ones)
Hummus and pretzel chips (Try hummus with pretzel chips instead of pita, you will be hooked!)
Apple slices and cheddar cheese

What are your favorite healthy snacks and how do you ward off hangry episodes?

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