Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Style Curly Hair Fast

 What you need: 
Moisturizing Product (I like Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum)
- Mousse (I like Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse)
- Heat Protectant for Curls
- Blow Dryer with Diffuser (the blow drying step is optional, but if you do blow dry, the diffuser is not optional)

1.       If you haven’t just gotten hair wet in the shower or bath, wet your hair under the faucet.
2.       Use a comb and brush out your hair unless you're like Elizabeth and it makes your hair frizzy.
3.       Next apply the moisturizing product.
4.       Apply mousse. I like the Suave mousse because it will not make your hair crunchy. However, if you use too much it will make it feel oily. So experiment and find out how much you need.
5.       Apply a heat protectant if you plan on blow drying it. I don’t have a favorite, but I try to avoid sprays that spray a straight stream because then it doesn’t get all the hair, just a small area.
6.       After you apply your products, brush through hair with a comb.
7.       Scrunch lightly
8.       Now you can either let curls air dry or use a diffuser on low speed and heat blow dry till only slightly damp. The diffuser prevents your curls or waves from getting blown around and frizzing. Just tilt your head to the side and place a section of hair into the diffuser. Do not scrunch while diffusing just hold it there.

One of the really helpful resources that we used when learning how to style our naturally curly hair was a book called Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey.  If I could, I'd give a copy to every single girl with curly hair.


  1. I'd like to point out that I do the comb step while I'm in the shower after I've put in conditioner.

  2. Any advice on how to best curl hair that's naturally straight? :)

  3. Ha, I'm afraid that neither of us have too much experience with hair that's naturally straight. I know that I've used hot rollers and curling irons with some of my friends' hair. My only advice for those is lots of hair spray!

  4. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I'm not sure if this will work since I don't have straight hair. If you want waves, I would suggest trying what I suggested for curly hair except using a mousse with more hold like Daisy Fuentes' Style Pro Voluminous Curls and Waves Mousse. I actually like this mousse better than the Suave but because it is more expensive and you have to search for it more I posted the Suave. If you want more curls, I would try using the products I suggested and setting your hair in velcro rollers while your hair is damp. (If the hold isn't enough you could try Tresemme's Heat Creations Volumizing Mousse.) Then, using a diffuser, blow dry your hair until it is dry or let it air dry if you have time. If you find that your hair doesn't want to stay in the rollers use those flat hair clips. After the hair is dry, take out the rollers, and you may need to brush out the curls a little. Also the tighter curl you want, the smaller the roller. I hope this helps!

  5. Be so careful with the coconut milk! Naturally curly hair has a ton of protein in it already ..... i had a disastrous nightmare for months b/c i was practically drowning my hair in this product. my hair can be 'ethnic' at times and this was proof thereof! I got protein build-up and 3 months later am still using baking soda (in shampoo) and vinegar rinses (after conditioning) to prevent static! yikes. i switched to argon oil, the same brand as the coconut milk is the best. moroccon argon oil

    1. I have natural curly hair too, I love the Organix Moroccan Argon Oil products too! worth a little extra $

  6. Angeline, thanks for letting us know that! I don't think either of us has had any problems with the coconut milk product, but it's good to know that that could potentially become a problem.

  7. I have naturally straight hair that has a short of funky wave body to it. The Suave mousse is CRAZY good! I use when I let my hair air dry (for more of a beachy/hippy look) or when I blowdry and use a curling iron (this helps hold the curls for days, literally). It is crazy that it is so cheap but so good! :)

  8. I am so happy that you love the Suave mousse as well! I thought I must have been crazy when I realized it has been my favorite with curly hair. My hat is off to Suave for once.

  9. I love to be have a curly hair like Natural Hair ,can you give good tips to me..

  10. I too thought it was odd how good the suave curl mousse was. Not only does it not dry out my hair like most mousse making it crunchy, it moisturizes, holds style, and yes it's so dang cheap! AAAAND it smells like strawberries, seriously outrageous product. <3

  11. My fave is the suave mousse!! I love it. It is the perfect consistency for my curls and doesn't leave my curls crunchy. I've used it for awhile :)

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