Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite Discoveries of the Week

Is everyone else as happy about the arrival of spring as I am?  The weather here has been steadily getting more and more spring-like of the last few weeks, and I hope that it has for you as well.  With the spring equinox having occurred earlier this week (March 20th), the weather should only continue to get better.  Thanks to spring fever, I've had a difficult time focusing on anything this week, so our theme for links this week is SPRING!

1.  First up from Babble, a cute decorating idea for your spring-themed cupcakes. If you don't habitually make spring-themed cupcakes, marshmallow daisy cupcakes should be an inspiration to start.  Easy Blooming Daisy Spring Cupcakes.  Babble is apparently a site for parents and suggests that you make these with your kids. I'm not letting that bother me at all.
2.  What should you be doing on these wonderful spring days?  Having a picnic obviously!  Martha Stewart's site has some tips for packing a picnic lunch.  The actual title of the slide show is packing a picnic lunch with the kids, but again that doesn't matter.  Besides, with some of  my friends in the kitchen, I might as well be planning a picnic lunch with the kids.
3.  For your viewing pleasure, a slide show of beautiful gardens in spring on Bing.  Most of these gardens are in the US, but there are several in other countries around the world.  You might want to mark a few of these down in your travel binder.
4.  Finally, what are you going to pack in your picnic lunch in the budding spring gardens besides daisy cupcakes?  Spring sugar cookies like those made by Green Girl on her blog A little bit of everything. Iced sugar cookies shaped like tulips and butterflies!  How lovely!

Other links of the week -
You can have a happiness quotation chosen by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, sent to your inbox for a month thanks to DailyLit.  The first link will take you to DailyLit while the second will take you to view the book on amazon.


  1. Spring is my favorite season and I'm sooo glad it's finally milder and everything's starting to bloom!

    The Beautiful Gardens slide show is great - thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm glad I found this blog, it's very cute :) I'm really looking forward to the arrival of spring too, and the picnics of course!

  3. Thanks, I'm so glad that you like it!



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