Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts for Girl Grads Going to College

Gifts for Girl Grads

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a wonderful day!

With graduation season beginning soon, I thought that today would be a good time to offer some suggestions on gifts to get for high school grads. 

- One of the first gift ideas for a girl who will be living in a dorm room at college next year is a laundry bag.  As you might guess, this gift comes in extremely handy when a girl has to take her laundry to whatever inconvenient place the washers and dryer happen to be located...and it's good for taking home laundry on the weekend too.  I've seen several ruffle laundry bags like the one above from Urban Outfitters which would make doing laundry more fun. 

- The second suggestion is the ever popular collegeatic items.  You can find cups, bulletin boards, t-shirts, sweatshirts, decals, mugs, bags, towels, teddy bears...basically anything that you can think of, you can find covered in the logo of the college or university that your grad plans to attend.  After all, who doesn't love school spirit?

- My third suggestion actually combines several ideas into one.  Vera Bradley printed items are all over college campuses.  I can't think of any girl I know from my university who doesn't have at least one thing in a Vera Bradley pattern.  One of the most useful items is the Vera Bradley Zip ID Case.  Everyone needs an ID case because it will hold her college ID, her driver's license, her keys, and her phone.  Basically all of the necessities.

Also, many girls that I know also have a Vera Bradley Duffel . A duffel bag is an indispensable item for any college girl.  She'll need it for packing her things for a weekend at home or a trip with friends.  Despite the fact that I've suggested Vera Bradley, any ID case or duffel bag would be a good gift.  My duffel bag is, in fact, not Vera Bradley.  If you choose Vera Bradley, check to see if your girl has a preferred pattern.  (I also realize that I've included a laptop case in the picture above. Only get this if you know what size laptop she has.  I included it to give you an idea of the style of patterns. Oh, and because I want it.)

- Final suggestion, Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss.  I'm sure that you've probably noticed this book in any display suggesting gifts for grads.  There is a reason why this is such a popular gift at graduation.  This book is written for those getting ready to begin a new adventure in their lives.  Some of the most basic truths of life are presented inside this book.

I hope that my suggestions for gifts are helpful to anyone who is looking for a gift to help their grad celebrate this important event.  If you know of anyone who might be looking for suggestions please feel free to share this post with them (there are buttons at the bottom to share through email, blogger, tweets, and facebook.)   I know that there are many more things that could be included on this list for graduation gifts.  If anyone has any suggestions that they wish to share, please leave a comment and if anyone still has trouble finding the perfect gift, just ask.  We'll do our best to help you think of something.

Have a lovely day!

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