Monday, September 24, 2012

Sew 50s: Guest Post from Sue

Today we have a guest post from Sue at Chevron and Lace.  Her blog has awesome DIYs as well as personal posts and photos.  We're happy to have her here! - Elizabeth

Tell me if you were one of these kids:

In elementary school, Mom did all your shopping. You didn’t care what you wore, as long as it didn’t get in the way of your play time and Mom didn’t care if it got dirty. Then you hit sixth grade and all of a sudden, what you wore mattered. If sixth grade wasn’t bad enough, you entered Junior High (Middle school, whatever). Not only did your clothes matter, but where you got them! American Eagle and Hollister were the peak of Junior High fashion, but for those of us whose mothers were thrifty and still bought our clothes, it was a tragedy. “JC Penney’s again?” It’s like a mother’s worst nightmare. All of a sudden your child cared about what they wore!

Then came high school. Some maintained their American Eagle and Hollister ideal. Some broadened their horizons and went to the Buckle. Some went the Hot Topic route. Some had no idea what they liked. I was the “No idea what I like” type. Mom left me out to dry with my clothing choices and I was in the dark. The problem was that I liked so many of the styles! I would wake up in the morning and try on five or six different outfits before I decided on one!

Finally I went to college and figured out what I liked, and that was it. Maurices. Maurices, Maurices, Maurices. That was my one style.

Although I still loved Maurices, once I graduated from college, I graduated from the “one type of style” mindset, too. Now I’m a mother and as so many mothers before me can attest, once you have a child of your own, you somehow turn into the mother that raised you. I’ve become my own thrifty mother and decided that some clothes at the store are not worth the price. So what did I do?

Welcome to my blog! I graduated from college, Mom bought me a sewing machine and I’ve never looked back! I am in LOVE with DIY and am a recent convert to vintage! Here’s the latest and greatest of my vintage looks…

Sew 50s!

Headband: Bought ¾ yrd. from Joann’s for less than $2.00!
Shirt: Just a regular ‘ol three quarter sleeve from Downeast Basics
Clutch: Bought it from DEB years ago
Skirt: Homemade skirt!
Shoes: Journey’s (on sale!)

In fact, I had enough left-over from the headband to make a shirt!

In addition to clothes (tutorials included!), I make my own home décor, I write cutesy poems, make delicious food (treats are my favorite!), run, and have the cutest little girl around with a hunk of a husband to boot! Get to know me and my family on my blog, Chevron and Lace.

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