Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My First Julep Box

I might have a small obsession with cosmetic products and purple. So when I saw an ad on Facebook saying that Julep would send me a box of three purple nail polishes and one black eyeliner for my birthday for free I had to check it out. I looked at the website, and it looked legit. It said I would only have to pay $2.99 for shipping and that if I didn't want a second box to come in March then all I had to do was call Julep and tell them by the 20th and they would cancel the order. I thought I'll just take advantage of this one free box, and then I'll cancel.

Then, my beautiful wild orchid purple box of nail polish and makeup came in the mailbox, and now I think I'm hooked...


First, I tried out the Hazel nail polish which is one of Julep's Boho Glam nail colors. I wasn't really expecting a lot because hey it was free. But it really did go on very smoothly and easily with a rich color. I only needed two coats for an opaque finish, and it worked well with my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat. The end product was an opaque deep purple with a sort of metallic-y fine shimmer that Julep describes as a wild violet and bronze duochrome. I think it works beautifully on cool skin tones. This one has become my new favorite nail polish! It adds some personality to my usual grey and pink ensembles, and I've gotten complimented on it every day it's been on my nails.


The second color I tried was Margit, one of the It Girl nail colors. I loved the ease of application of this nail polish too. It went on opaquely and evenly with two coats. Margit is a pale lavender polish that Julep describes as mushroom with rose shimmer. It's definitely a very in color right now. Sadly, it brought out a little too much red in my skin tone, but I think it would be gorgeous on warm, darker skin tones. I think I'll probably still wear it though because the color is too pretty to waste!


And last but not least is Bernadette, named for Bernadette Peters. The black onyx nail polish was made specially for us gals with February birthdays! First off, I love Bernadette Peters so I had high expectations for this nail polish. It had the same smooth application as the other nail polishes and only needed two coats for opaque color. The end result is very unique and cool. It's a purple-y black with small flecks of silver shimmer. It basically looks like the night-sky.

Blackest Black

I also got a black eye-liner in the maven box, but I really am not a fan of how eyeliner makes me look, so I'll save that review for when Elizabeth can try it out.

Overall, I was super impressed with my first Maven box! And after reading a little bit about the company values, and seeing my options for this month I think I'll keep buying them periodically and keep y'all updated.  Also, you'll notice that we now have a badge for Julep that says "I'm classic with a twist." If you think you want to try Julep for free then give it a click or click here, and Julep will give you a code for a free box. If you decide to subscribe after you've gotten your free box, then I'll get credit I can put towards a box for referring you. You can do the same on your blogs to earn free boxes! Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think about your boxes!

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