Monday, November 2, 2015

November Journal Prompts + Printable

 Thanks for being patient during the extra wait for November's journal prompts. Hopefully I'll eventually get this whole teaching thing figured out, and I'll be able to not only blog consistently BUT ALSO teach 87 6th-graders every day.


But for now, I'll just be content to share November's journal prompts with you and attempt to get enough sleep to work tomorrow.

Here are November's journal prompts.

1. Your goals for this month
2. What don't you share?
3. A reason to celebrate
4. Describe where you are not
5. A dream that seems impossible
6. Something you hope for
7. What good are you doing?
8. The people who make your life better
9. A tradition that makes you feel at home
10. Your top five favorite movies
11. Someone you'd like to meet
12. Is your life what you imagined?
13. The best kind of laughter is...
14. A silly thing you'd really like
15. Where you want to be
16. Something that truly doesn't matter
17. What you do when you are lost
18. A book from your childhood
19. What are you thankful for?
20. An evening ritual
21. A small change you'd like to make
22. A big change you'd like to make
23. Something you're still not sure about
24. The best dessert to share with friends
25. One thing you can't stop talking about
26. How do you spend a rainy day?
27. Your favorite things about yourself
28. Three things you do well
29. A story that captures your imagination
30. Memories beside a fireplace

Get your printable PDF version of November's journal prompts here.

Enjoy your November! I should have a DIY and a book review to share with you soon! Although if things get busy, it may be time for December's journal prompts already before I get them posted. 

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