Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Traveling: Shakespeare and Company

I've been really lucky in being able to travel around some while I'm studying in France.  There's one place that I'd really like to share with you if you ever happen to be in Paris.  It's called Shakespeare and Company, and it's a wonderfully charming English used bookstore.

Shakespeare and Company

Now I realize, of course, that one doesn't generally go to Paris to buy English books.  However, it's right across from Notre Dame, so if you're going to look at Notre Dame, you might as well take a stop by this bookstore.

Being a book lover, I adored the inside of the store.  There are books, not just on the walls and in the bookshelf, but on every available surface.  The store is very tiny which means that each time you step into a new room, you feel a bit like an adventurer, and you never know exactly what you'll see next.

Sadly, I didn't buy any books because I'm supposed to be reading French books at the moment as opposed to English books since that's what I'm here to learn.  However, I will hopefully stop before I head back home and pick up a book or two.

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