Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What to Do After You Wash Your Sperrys and the Laces Won't Go Back Into the Holes

If you have ever attempted to wash your Sperrys, you either left the laces in the shoes, thus ruining your laces or took them out and now have no idea how to get them back into the shoes. I did the second one, and my solution was to put ribbons in the place of the laces since they are thin enough to double over and still fit through the eyelets. I will take you through the steps of how I got the ribbon through the holes.

You will need ribbon, clear nail polish, tape, and a large bobby pin.

1. Thread the ribbon in between the two prongs of the bobby pin and push the ribbon down to the closed end.
2. Tape the end of the ribbon so that the ribbon forms a loop around the closed end of the bobby pin. Then, the ribbon will stay on when you pull it through the loops. The ribbon and bobby pin should resemble a needle and thread.
3. After you have the bobby pin and ribbon attached, you can slide the bobby pin into the eyelets and pull them through.

The solution is much prettier than my previous solution of simply lacing the shoes with old leather shoe strings in the front.


  1. Great! Thanks for the info on the shoes. I usually use spray to clean my shoe. And I think another person use different shoe cleaner. and you?

  2. Good, nothing to say about the post. We need to clean our shoe regularly. Have you another site or blog about shoe cleaner like thepinkmiracle.com, share plz
    Thank you



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